Convenience Plus Dry Cleaners
Putting Convenience Into Your Dry Cleaning
About Us

   Our number one mission is to provide you with an ultimate customer experience! Modern technology
has helped allow us to perform our everyday tasks any time of the day. Although many dry cleaners caught up with modern technology in their machinery, we are still handcuffed with non-convenient hours of operation. This would not be a problem if we all worked around a typical 9-5 schedule, however that schedule is simply non-realistic in the 24/7 world we live in.

   Convenience Plus Dry Cleaners aim to put 24 hour service and convenience into the dry cleaning industry, allowing you to manage your dry cleaning during hours that suit you and not the other way around. Exceptional customer service, endless convenience, and professional dry cleaning are the three pillars that our business model is based on. We are always listening for new ideas to incorporate into our suite of please let us know!

245 Fries Mill Road, Unit #3, Blackwood, New Jersey, 08012, United States